Kamins pens article summarizing new criminal justice legislation

Justice Kamins has a new article in the New York Law Journal summarizing recently enacted legislation concerning the criminal justice system. 

Among the new laws:

  • a prohibition on large city police departments from keeping an electronic database of stops
  • Leandra's Law, which make DWI an E Felony if a child under 16 was present in the car and requires an ignition interlock for every person convicted of DWI
  • creation of a Statewide Office of Indigent Services, which will study and make recommendations for improving indigent defense
  • creation of a new crime, Strangulation
  • assaults on nurses or sanitation enforcement agents are now Class C felonies
  • there is now a statutory right to "one phone call" (anywhere in the U.S. or Puerto Rico!) upon arrest
  • probation reports are no longer required in misdemeanor cases where the judge does not impose more than 180 days (the previous limit was 90 days)
  • VTL blood draws no longer require physician supervision
  • unconstitutional provisions of the Loitering statute have now been removed
  • OAG now has jurisdiction prosecute, criminally, Unauthorized Practice of Law

Take a look at Justice Kamins' well written article for more on these and other new laws.  (LC)

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