New York Criminal Law in the News – Thursday, September, 22, 2011

  • Chief Judge Lippmann vows to create an experimental adult criminal court parts for non violent offenders that are 16-17 years old (New York Law Journal)
  • New legislation legalizes small fireworks in NYS, except they will still be illegal in NYC (New York Times)
  • Queens woman accused of shooting her husband 11 times refused to hold the guns on the witness stand (New York Post)
  • New law aimed at protecting victims of sex trafficking will prevent women who are forced into the trade from being convicted of prostitution (New York Daily News)
  • NYPD officer pleads not guilty to raping a teacher at gun point (NY1)
  • Suffolk police have received 19 new leads since releasing the photos of the Gilgo Beach victims (Newsday)
  • Inmate collected unemployment while in jail; now he will serve more time in jail (Buffalo News)
  • Tickets for texting while driving doubled since becoming a primary offense (Syracuse)
  • Police capture drug supplier who was on the run since June (Staten Island Advance)
  • Prosecutors blame lack of DNA knowledge in 1996 for their not presenting DNA evidence at the trial of a man accused of killing two people in a 1996 double homicide (Lo Hud)  


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