New York Criminal Law in the News – Thursday, October, 20, 2011

  • Sexual assault charges dropped after the victim recanted her identification (New York Times)
  • A man was sentenced to 65 years in prison for a string of muggings (New York Post)
  • Westchester lawyer murdered his family before he killed himself (New York Daily News)
  • NYC officials want call for an investigation into NY's stop and frisk policy (NY1)
  • Suffolk County will have to pay $3 millon to relocate prisoners (Newsday)
  • A Staten Island family discovered a 12-year-old skeleton in their basement; police believe the man was murdered (Staten Island Advance)
  • Child pornography case might be dismissed, but the prosecutor will seek to try the case again (Buffalo News)
  • Heroin usage is increasing in Columbia County (TimesUnion)
  • An upstate school administrator is charged with DWI (Democrat and Chronicle)
  • The company that makes tasers responded to an article by the NYCLU (Syracuse)


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