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Welcome back

Happy holidays and happy new year!  Blog posts will resume now that we're back from break.  Lots of new cases decided recently!

Welcome to new contributors to the blog

A few days ago, my former research assistants, Darnisha Lewis and Joshua Reece, graduated from St. John's School of Law.  They hope to land jobs in the criminal law area after the bar exam.

I am very pleased to welcome my new research assistants as contributors to the blog.  They are Robert Byrne and Michael Murray.  Both just completed their 1L year at St. John's.  They will be writing drafts of case summaries and otherwise helping with the blog.  Welcome, Rob and Mike!  (LC)

Welcome to new contributors to the blog

My research assistants, Darnisha A. Lewis and Joshua T. Reece, both 3L's at St. John's, are joining the blog as contributors.  They will be writing case summaries of Appellate Division decisions.  Their assistance will help increase the volume and diversity of cases that are summarized on the blog.

Both Darnisha and Joshua have a keen interest in criminal law, have taken numerous courses in criminal procedure and advocacy, and have interned at various criminal justice agencies. 

Welcome on-board, Darnisha and Joshua!  (LC)

New blog on Habeas Corpus

There is an interesting new blog on the scene: Habeas Corpus Blog: Keeping Track of the Great Writ for New York State Prisoners.  It is by Jonathan Kirshbaum, a senior appellate counsel at the Center for Appellate Litigation (although a disclaimer notes that the blog is not affiliated with CAL or Brooklyn Law, where Mr. Kirshbaum is also an adjunct professor).  I encourage readers to check it out.  It has a lot of helpful information about recent habeas cases in the federal court system.  (LC)

Blog Posts During the Next Week

I am in Africa until July 13, 2009.  Until that time, my blog posts may be sporadic at best.  Regular posts will resume after the 13th.  (LC)