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After 12 years at St. John’s University School of Law, I will be leaving New York to become the next Dean of Charleston School of Law in South Carolina, effective at the end of June 2020. I will leave this blog up but will not be updating it.

Back from Summer

Courts are back from their summer recesses, and so are we!  Look for case summaries in several, new Appellate Division cases in the next few days.

Back in Business

After an almost seven year hiatus, the New York Criminal Law and Procedure Blog is back in business.  After becoming Associate Dean for Student Services, I took time off from blogging to focus on my “day job.”  A lot has happened since.  I went on to become Associate Academic Dean and, later, Vice Dean, where I was responsible for supervising nearly all of the “internal” operations of our school. I also got married and moved out to the wonderful community of Long Beach, NY. I recently stepped down from day-to-day administration, although I remain the Associate Dean for Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness and am the director of our Center for Trial and Appellate Advocacy.  Helping me with the blog are the Fellows of the Center.

The blog has a new look.  I’ve migrated it to WordPress (from TypePad).  The CTAA Fellows and I hope to post a few times a week on new cases, legislation, and news reports.  As always, I appreciate your feedback at  (LC)


In April, I was appointed Associate Dean for Student Services and given an important charge to develop a new, proactive, inclusive approach to career development. Unfortunately, the demands of this position have not left me with much time to devote to the blog. I am going to be taking a hiatus from posting for a while, so that I can devote my energy and time on career development projects. The blog’s archives will remain live, however. (LC)

New blog feature and contributors

Starting today, the blog will feature a daily report of interesting criminal law-related news from around the state.  Working with me on this aspect of the blog will be two new research assistants from St. John's, Marshall Kaufman and Jonathan Max McCann.  Welcome aboard!  We will post news stories once a day, usually in the morning, Monday through Friday.  I hope readers find the news posts to be interesting and informative.  (LC)